Highlights of the year - moving in together in our rental house in Ballard and playing lots and lots of ultimate.
Polaris Company Pics Kathryn posing for her Polaris company picture along the Fremont canal with her two best buds - Ferdinand and Hector.

Polaris Company Pics

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Moving in Together in Ballard Combining the Crawford and Saxer households after a couple years of dating. A big roll of the dice, which turned out to...

Moving in Together in Ballard

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Potlatch Tournament Potlatch winners - El Nino!

Potlatch Tournament

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Bozofest Tournament Kathryn and Martin's first full tournament playing together which was bookended by the roadtrip to and from Bozeman,...

Bozofest Tournament

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Chicago Tune-Up Tournament First vacation with just the two of us. We travelled to Chicago a couple days before the annual Tune-Up ultimate...

Chicago Tune-Up Tournament

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Naughty Bear Ultimate While Martin was doing his regular Sockeye men's team ultimate thing, Kathryn was playing the top co-ed team in Seattle...

Naughty Bear Ultimate

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Christmas Our first Christmas living together. Evidently it's a very important dog holiday in case you weren't aware.


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