Skiing Despite a COVID-19 shortened ski season we still had some good days though not as many as we'd like since the last two...


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Big Sky Ski Trip Mid-winter break trek out to the cold mountains of Montana.

Big Sky Ski Trip

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Kid Modeling Zoe and Gavin goofing around taking silly pictures in the back yard.

Kid Modeling

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Squak Mountain East Peak Hike State Parks have opened after being closed for weeks. The logic for taking this trail is that it'd have few hikers on it...

Squak Mountain East Peak Hike

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Stegosaurus Butte Hike We needed a short adventure on an empty trail. This hike was perfect on both counts.

Stegosaurus Butte Hike

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Kathryn's 51st Birthday

Kathryn's 51st Birthday

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Black Lives Matter Protest March

Black Lives Matter Protest March

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Bread Making

Bread Making

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Zoe's Middle School Promotion Zoe and her Playing School friends Addie, Cornelia, Mollie, and Violet celebrate completing Middle School aboard the...

Zoe's Middle School Promotion

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Mailbox Peak Hike Somehow we've never hiked up Mailbox Peak despite driving past it dozens and dozens of times.

Mailbox Peak Hike

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Source Lake Adventure Hike Lesson learned - if Gaia doesn't show a trail there most likely isn't one. What a memorable misadventure !

Source Lake Adventure Hike

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Sprite Lake via Paddy-Go-Easy Pass Hike 20 miles beyond Salmon La Sac on a bumpy Forest Service road lies all sorts of interesting terrain which we've barely...

Sprite Lake via Paddy-Go-Easy Pass Hike

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McClellan Butte Hike A Monday afternoon jaunt up the hill. A little early season since there was only a single huckleberry to be found and...

McClellan Butte Hike

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Otter Falls Hike A few miles out on the Snoqualmie Lake Trail you'll find the striking Otter Falls. Fun sliding into warm water. Trail...

Otter Falls Hike

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Zoe Cabin Selfies No idea what to make of this series of shots. Demonic possession?

Zoe Cabin Selfies

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Rainy Lake Hike Wow! This hike was more of an ass kicker than we'd expected. Starts out easy enough, but seems to get steeper and...

Rainy Lake Hike

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Mount Baldy Hike Zoe and Martin hiked up the steepness of Mount Baldy without Gavin, who was sick with food poisoning of some sort, and...

Mount Baldy Hike

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Mount Teneriffe Hike A grown-up only hike up to the currently very dry Teneriffe Falls and then up the oh-so-steep Kamikaze trail to the...

Mount Teneriffe Hike

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San Juan Island Camping Our first camping trip in a couple summers with our goto camping friends Michelle, Brian, Aliya and Aidan.

San Juan Island Camping

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Island Lake Backpacking First father/daughter backpacking trip to Island and Rainbow Lakes was a a great trip with perfect weather.

Island Lake Backpacking

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Pratt River Hike

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Mother Mountain Loop Hike

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Rooster Mountain Hike

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Alta Mountain and Lila Lake Hike

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Lake Valhalla Hike

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Granite Mountain Hike

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Zoe's 15th Birthday

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