Skiing A few shots from what was a great winter of Alpental skiing.


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Million Woman March Million Woman March to protest everything Trumpian.

Million Woman March

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Seattle Snowfall It wasn't much, but any snowfall in Seattle is exciting.

Seattle Snowfall

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Zoe Haircut Zoe decided to donate her long hair. It took her a few tears and a couple of weeks of wearing a hat to get used to her...

Zoe Haircut

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Winter Cabin Adventure

Winter Cabin Adventure

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Bahamas Saxer family trip with Margrit, Hans, Iris and Zinnia to the Bahamian island Eleuthera


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Spring Reign Gavin's first ultimate tournament - Spring Reign. Lots of games, lots of wind and rain.

Spring Reign

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Zoe's Thurgood Marshall Graduation Zoe wrapping up her 4 years at Thurgood Marshall Elementary.

Zoe's Thurgood Marshall Graduation

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Cornet Bay We were the very first guests at an AirBNB on Cornet Bay over July 4th along with Cris, Liz, Lila, and Nathan.

Cornet Bay

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McLaughlin's Cabin Visting the McLaughlin's cabin and taking a couple nearby hikes.

McLaughlin's Cabin

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Cabin Visit and Mount Catherine Hike Maia, Wade and Aidan come up for a cabin visit and hike up nearby Mount Catherine.

Cabin Visit and Mount Catherine Hike

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McClellan Butte Hike Kathryn and Martin midweek hike up the relentless up McClellan Butte trail.

McClellan Butte Hike

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Annette Lake Hike A late afternoon family hike up to Lake Annette.

Annette Lake Hike

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Cascade Pass Hike Hike up to Cascade Pass with Michelle. Brian, Aidan, and Aliya turned back about 1/3 of the way up due to crazy, biting...

Cascade Pass Hike

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San Juan Island Aidan Murphy joined us for a few days at an AirBNB on San Juan Island. Day trips included English Camp in the northwest...

San Juan Island

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San Juan Island Camping Group camping at a slummy site on San Juan Island with Zoe's friends Iris, Violet, Mollie, Addie, Cornelia, and Sofia...

San Juan Island Camping

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Kendall Katwalk Hike Gavin and Martin hiked up to the Kendall Katwalk above Snoqualmie Pass on a beautiful sunny day.

Kendall Katwalk Hike

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Eclipse Roadtrip Gavin and Martin roadtripped down to Albany, Oregon to experience the total solar eclipse. 100% perfect weather...

Eclipse Roadtrip

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PacNW Girls Retreat Zoe's new soccer team had a team retreat the exact same day as the rare total solar eclipse.

PacNW Girls Retreat

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Vancouver Island Camping Semi-crazy roadtrip to Pachena Campground on west side of Vancouver Island which required driving 70 KM of logging roads...

Vancouver Island Camping

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Mollie and Addie Visit Cabin

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Gavin's 14th Birthday

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Washington Middle School Ultimate A Team

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Frozen Middle Fork Hike

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Zoe's 12th Birthday

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Zoe's Birthday Party Cabin Sleepover

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WMS Winter Concert

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Zoe and Kathryn Do Victoria

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Upstairs Remodel Begins

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