Chicago Tune-Up Tournament

First vacation with just the two of us. We travelled to Chicago a couple days before the annual Tune-Up ultimate tournament and explored downtown Chicago. Martin somehow managed to lose most of the trip's pictures to the vagaries of a new digital camera. Kathryn has never let him live that down.
Out on the touristy Navy Pier after biking along the downtown Chicago waterfront and exploring Art Institute of Chicago Museum (pretty spectacular) and the top of the Sears Tower (amazing views). Umm...yeah, that's Chicago. Must keep eyes open! Argh...closed eye syndrome is contagious. Since Martin lost most of the pictures one of the few left is a shot in the rental car line.  How exciting!  The sights!  The sounds!
Here's what Martin looks like after a full day of the worst food poisoning in his life, thanks to a restaurant on Chicago's northside.  Ended up unable to play in the tournament, spending most of the time in the bathroom instead.  Ugh. Met up with Kathryn's brother Lindsay at the Minneapolis airport for a beer during our layover on the way back to Seattle.