Anders lines up a kick. Umm...Gavin...the ball's over there! Boom! 10149873015 246087c521 k Kelvin booting the ball downfield.
Ralph's defender appears to have been shot. 10149934915 36bd3ae622 k 10149944335 c3875f38b7 k Dragon team D closing in. Will's kick striking terror into the other team.
10150004226 c5fce24550 k I think there's a soccer game going on here, but it's hard to tell what everybody's doing.  They might be dancing instead.  Can't be sure... 10150012443 c5f9b0ffce k 10150022813 e90ddecc05 k 10150028146 8599ac3b75 k
Will trying to beat the other team by himself. Pizza party time at Flying Squirrel to wrap up the season.