Corral Pass Camping

We return to our favorite campsite in all of Washington - Corral Pass. This fairly remote campground has provided many weekends worth of fun over the past few years and this year was a huge success thanks to the warm weather and Perseid meteor shower which peaked on Saturday night.
Early morning hike up to old helicopter hill landing pad to scout out meteor viewing prospects.  This is looking across to what we call "The Top of the World", thanks to its amazing view of Mt. Rainier, which is the mound to the right of the tallest tree.  The cliffs to the left are unpassable along the ridgeline, at least without climbing gear. There's "The Top of the World" again, along with today's peak Mutton Mountain.  We lunched on the highest spot on the right.  Below is the road leading to our campsite. img 6106 Nothing quite like a little morning reading in Mommy's lap in front of the campfire. Heading up the Rainier View trail on an absolutely perfect day.
The pack mule. "The Top of the World" is just barely visible in the center of this picture.  At this point we've climbed through the woods and are now traversing the hill. Gavin and Zilly have reached the ridge. And now so has Zoe.  The view of Mt. Rainier is far more impressive in person.  I believe the haze is caused by smoke from massive forest fires burning in Asia. Gavin violating one of our few trail rules - No throwing rocks down the hill.  Luckily there's 0% chance of anybody being down there.
Zoe the mountain goat. Heading up Mutton Mountain off trail.  You can see the peekabo view of our trail below.  "The Top of the World" is on the far left and the rocks Zoe stood atop in the previous picture are dead center. Ms. Vibram Five Fingers isn't enjoying the rocks too much. How's this for a lunch spot?  Just don't look down. Here's Gavin enjoying a precarious lunch at the top of a rock fall chute.  Luckily nobody slipped since it'd have been hell trying to pull somebody back up from wherever they'd stopped rolling.
Looking back towards our trail and "The Top of the World". Looking down from the ridge heading up Mutton Mountain.  It's steeper than it appears. Looking up to the peak of Mutton Mountain.  We scrambled along the ridge on the right side. Zoe was the first brave kid to join her Daddy atop Mutton Mountain.  Here's the view looking down towards another off-trail spot I think we'll scout out next year.  The Corral Pass road is just visible to the right.  It's a 6 mile-long bumpfest. Our campsite nature chefs.  Gavin appears to have been possessed in this picture.
Lovely! Sunset approaches as we head up Helicopter Hill to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Bye sun! img 6140 Camping is definitely dirty fun.
Happy kids. Getting comfy.  There's "The Top of the World" and Mutton Mountain in the background. All cozy and ready to watch the sky.  Notice the mosquito grabbing an evening snack from Kathryn's face.  Also notice Gavin on the left with a piece of bread on the back of his head.  What?! Sundown and the sky darkens.  The Perseid meteor shower was spectacular including one huge fireball that went across most of the sky.  We spotted 20+ meteors each as well as several satellites and a very prominent Milky Way. Half-naked boy prepping his breakfast.
img 6163 Roasted marshmellows for breakfast?  OK. Yikes! Zoe's grabbed the camera and is shooting wildly. img 6169
img 6170 Heading back home we took a pitstop in the Federation Forest and followed a mellow trail out to the edge of the White River. We found an awesome little sandbar to enjoy. img 6175 Kid project time.
Doesn't it look like Gavin is wiping mud on Zoe's butt?  Ah, the fun of lack of depth perception. img 6178 img 6180 Where's that dripping mud coming from? Gavin's helping Zoe with her project after cleaning himself off a bit.
img 6184 img 6186 Awww.....