Random shots from throughout the year.
Gavin and Zoe sliding on the gravel road below our cabin where a trickle of water has turned into a solid sheet of ice. img 8158 img 8160 Careful when running on Squak Mountain! I almost ran directly into this spiky critter as I went around some trees while descending Phil's Creek trail. He/she was in no hurry to move along so I hung out for a few minutes until the trail was clear.
Zoe strolling down what appears to be a zombie-attacked Thurgood Marshall elementary. HOLY CRAP!  A 210?!? No open frames? No idea where this game came from since I bowl at most once a year. I guess those two semesters of bowling class at Berkeley about 30 years ago finally paid off. This was only the second time I've ever broken 200; I usually bowl around 150. Zoe riding Rachel the Pike Place Market piggybank. Somebody definitely needs a haircut. What's up with the mini-jail off to the left?! Zoe and Lila looking at a book of optical illusions.
Zinnia easily fits in Zilly's dog crate. She doesn't even look all that unhappy in there. Zinnie snuggling her big cousin Gavin. img 9064 img 9065 img 9297
img 9298 img 9300 Camp at the Brightwater Sewage Treatment plant. Not quite as weird as that sounds. img 9512 Lake log boat time.
Kathryn longingly staring across Lake Washington at Mercer Island. Zoe flexing for the camera. Zilly's not in the least bit convinced that this is as fun as Zoe makes it look. Martin lighting the radioactive (yes, really) propane mantle for the first time to shrink it down to size. img 0150
img 0151 img 0153 Mt Rainier from the end of a trail at a spot aptly named Glacier View. 2015-08-03 07.50.37 Goodbye old garage door
Zoe off in the trees for some reason. Alpental on a snowy, cloudy day. Zoe the artist curled up on the couch listening to the Squeezebox. Two of her favorite things.