Fourth of July

Enjoying some cabin and river fun with niece/cousin Jenn.
Brian and Aliya scout out the awesome water chute on the river directly down from the cabin. Peer pressuring Kathryn to join in. Kathryn trying to convince Aliya to hop in.  No success. Michelle enjoying the sun and water. Train time!
Choo-choo Exploring the little waterfall Hi Brian Aliya not at all convinced that this is fun.  Michelle disagrees. Aidan definitely thinks it's fun.
Jenn flinching at the water temp. Jenn and Kathryn warming back up on the sunny rocks. Heaven! Reading and eating on the deck with your friends after playing in the river. Doesn't get much better than this. Jenn barely staying awake Not-so-early morning breakfast on the deck.
img 9230 Lindsay and boys arrive to join the fun on the 4th of July img 9232 img 9233 img 9234
Off to the river to show the cousins the chute. img 9239 img 9243 Max jumped right in despite the water level after the chute going over his head. img 9248
img 9250 Now it's evidently time for group exploration downstream on a little Dad recon beta. This looks completely safe right? Jenn finds a great quiet, sunny spot. Brian in a big whirlpool beneath a waterfall we were able to sneak behind. I can only imagine what this area is like when the river is full of Spring snowmelt.
img 9264 img 9267 img 9269 img 9270 img 9272
The kids exploring the area just above the waterfall. Amazingly nobody fell in. img 9281 img 9282 img 9283 img 9286
img 9287 img 9288 img 9290 img 9294