Ma and Pa Crawford posing in front of their castle. OK, maybe it's not technically "their" castle. Kathryn looking a bit reserved. Ready for a big Ethopian meal. dcp 0037 Ferdinand hanging out in our very lush looking backyard.
dcp 0369 Why dogs don't wear boxer shorts out in public. Do you think Ferdinand likes his cow bone? dcp 0374 dcp 0376
dcp 0378 Our brand new wedding present chairs.  They're awesome! dcp 0382 dcp 0383 Ferdinand agrees that the chairs are awesome.
dcp 0385 dcp 0387 dcp 0412 dcp 0413 dcp 0415
dcp 0417 Woah!  What's Max doing up there?  And how the hell did he get there? dcp 1398 The newest potential Olympic sport - Bernese Mountain Dog Lifting. Martin trying to relax on the futon.
dcp 1448 dcp 1593 A lovely brunch feast.  This is how we eat every morning.  Yeah right! dcp 1602 The moving of the black couch.
dcp 1604 Hey!  It's Martin's street somewhere down in Argentina or Chile. KingFish after winning Flowerbowl in Vancouver. This is Martin's last tournament with Sockeye, the team he'd played with for almost 10 years.  Always nice to end on an up note.