Buck Creek Camping

img 0284 Ferdinand hanging out at base camp.  Look how green everything is in the background. I'm not sure why Gavin has the car keys and money, but we barely stopped his getaway. img 0314 img 0316
img 0317 Sure is GREEN up on Green Mountain.  It's a bit more pleasant looking at the picture than in reality because of the onslaught of flies. img 0320 img 0322 Testing out the 10x optical zoom on the digital camera.  Impressive!
img 0324 img 0327 Sam and Ferdinand enjoy the rest stop. There's the summit.  We didn't quite get there. img 0338
img 0339 img 0341 Ferdinand goes off-piste and gets himself totally stuck in the underbrush.  A couple minutes of scrambling later he's finally free. img 0353 Here's one out of gas dog.  Kathryn had to almost carry him down the hill from here.
img 0360 Team Shish Kabob starts dinner preparations. Intensive focus is required.  Or perhaps holding a cut onion inches from your nose.  Whichever. If two kids were helpful in making dinner, three must be better right? img 0381
Hmm...Selah?  What are you doing? img 0397 img 0398 img 0400 img 0402
img 0404 img 0405 img 0409 Selah feeding the resident blueberry fiend again. img 0418
img 0420 img 0427 img 0437 img 0440 Heading out on a short Sunday morning hike with some of the essentials - Paul has Selah's sippy cup while Michelle brings along a bar of Ghirardelli chocolate.
img 0449 Here's our destination after much bush-whacking.  The water in these glacier-fed streams is C-O-L-D cold. img 0457 img 0458 img 0460
img 0469 img 0471 img 0474 Does Gavin look comfy or what? Susie and Selah enjoy a little together time in the underbrush.
Aidan recovers from the morning hike in style.