Bainbridge Beach Adventure

img 1297 Brian, Michelle, and Aidan on the ferry over to Bainbridge.  Look at all that blue sky. Gavin fully relaxed in his pregnant mama's arms. img 1318 Aidan checks out the Puget Sound water temp.
The boys start in on serious playtime.  Who could imagine such a huge sandbox and all the fun you can have in it? img 1326 img 1327 img 1328 img 1330
img 1334 And they're off!  Aidan and Gavin take off down the beach as the parents chill out. img 1338 img 1341 img 1344
Awesomely entertaining high-speed flying-baby runs up and down the beach. img 1361 img 1373 It's hard to see in the picture, but Gavin is screaming with delight.  He'd take a couple quick steps and then fly 5' through the air before repeating the fun. img 1375
img 1380 img 1381 img 1386 No idea what's going on here, but it sure looks fun. img 1398
img 1401 img 1403 I guess this must be the beach for nudists that only like wearing caps. img 1412 img 1414
Time to hike back up the steep hill from the beach.  All Gavin's clothes are soaked so he's naked from the waist down.  Here's he's explaining how fun these logs look to play on to his Dada who's way up the hill already. img 1417 "I need a ride!" Gavin wins this round and he gets to ride of up Dada's shoulders for the next 15 minutes.  The tricky part is that Gavin is a ticking timebomb since he hadn't gone to the bathroom in a while.  That puts his bits in a dangerous position for a parent without a change of clothes. Fortunately Gavin made it up the hill without doing any damage to Dada's clothes.  Whew!