Gavin Explores The World

dcp 0672 Milk coma baby snuggling in Dad's arms. dcp 0683 Yummy thumby. It ain't no boob, but Gavin still seems to enjoy it. dcp 0696
dcp 0697 dcp 0700 Who's a terrified baby? Notice that Gavin is playing the "I got your nose" game with his right hand.  He played this game with both hands for about a week straight. Trying to get him to open his fists was a fruitless endevour. dcp 0710 Fleece creatures. Gavin hanging out with Mom in the couple inches of snow that shut Seattle down.
dcp 0726 Going for a walk down to our local park by Lake Washington to see what's left of the snow from the day before. Gavin found this far less interesting than a nap. Baby on a box! Gavin's less than enthused by his Dad's silly games.  Rightly so. dcp 0739 Visiting the Saxer grandparents' new house up the sticks of Snohomish County.  Gavin's not so sure this is a good thing.
Grandpa hanging out on the magical bouncy ball. What we like to call "baby-sitting". Believe it or not Gavin loves this, although it sure doesn't appear that way in this picture.