South Africa - Returning Home

After nearly 3 weeks away, we're all happy to return home to Seattle.
Daddy getting a little help from Zoe during our last few steps on the ground in South Africa. My boy!  Making me proud. Are you ready?  30 hours of travel coming up. Almost home!  I believe that's Mt. Rainier off to the right with Mt. St. Helens in the distance.  I like the the little ice crystals on the window hanging on for dear life. Is it here yet?!  Turns out that 2 of our bags didn't make it back to Seattle.  They decided to take a brief haitus in the other Washington's airport, I guess we managed to outsprint our bags, before joining us at home a couple days later.
Zoe carefully unpacking and unwrapping the suitcase full of treasures and gifts. Kathryn's street-side bird purchase made by a guy hanging out in the shade of a tree by the side of the road. Almost done... Gavin contentedly playing with Legos in the sun in front of the heater.  He's gone 3 weeks without his favorite toy. Kathryn ready to get her vegetable on.