South Africa - Chimpanzee Eden

Zoe playing with her favorite toy - "The Kid Camera".  Notice the snowflake stencil on the window in the background.  While it was almost Christmas, there's not chance of any snow since it was roasty, toasty warm in the middle of the South African summer. About 10 chimps came out to feast on the nuts tossed their way.  It was interesting watching the social dynamics within the group.  The electrified fence you see between us and them is to keep us out of their reach since they're far, far stronger than us. img 0759 Strolling over to the next viewing area.  Gavin hamming it up. A good look at the whole area, which is off to the right, and the open land all around the hilly area where Chimp Eden is situated.
img 0765 img 0767 img 0768