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Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Trip Family trip to the Southwest with stops in Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas again. Serious...

Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Trip

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Flagstaff Right after visiting the Grand Canyon we headed over for a brief AirBNB stay in Flagstaff, AZ.


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Sunny Day at Alpental You've got to love spring skiing. Who needs jackets?

Sunny Day at Alpental

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Florida Trip for Toby's Wedding

Florida Trip for Toby's Wedding

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Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

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Lake Melakwa Hike with Zach Gavin's friend Zach joined us for a reasonably strenous hike up to Lake Melakwa from our cabin.

Lake Melakwa Hike with Zach

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Seabeck Family Camp

Seabeck Family Camp

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Mirror Lake Hike A quick jaunt up to Mirror Lake.

Mirror Lake Hike

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Lincoln Park

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Chasey, Jen, Pip, Oliver Visit

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North Cascades Institute

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Liz, Cris, Lila, Nathan, Cornelia Visit Cabin

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Mt. Defiance Hike

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Lodge Lake Hike

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Cornelia's Lake House Party

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Aidan and Cornelia Visit Cabin

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Beckler River Camping

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Copper Lake Hike

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First Day of School

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Zoe Hand Surgery

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Mount Catherine Hike

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Whidbey Island Stay

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Gavin's 13th Birthday

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Zoe's 11th Birthday

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Seattle Youth Soccer Tournament Final

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Idaho and Wyoming Roadtrip

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