Kiddie Photographers

Here's what happens when you let kids loose with a camera.
Daddy, you're so tall! Open your eyes Grandma. Some of Gavin's random sheet of monsters. Mr. Happy, used for helping owwies, becomes Mr. Creepy when stuck in front of a kid's face. Is there anything better than a huge cardboard box?  This one was converted into an awesome play house with windows and doors.
img 4347 Does this symbolize anything?  If it's a clock it has 13 hours. More rocks.  Hmm.... img 4357 Zilly looking a bit stoned.
Zoe's Barbie dolls hanging out with a metal turtle. Nice look Gavin. img 4377 img 4381 Zoe's blockwork and domino-like creation.
Amazing the art you can make after digging through the recycling. img 4400 img 4406 Entering the land of silly faces. More silly faces.
Ugh...more a disgusting face than silly face. Silly potty face. Who took my canine teeth?