Yurting at Cape Disappointment

A panorama shot.  See the full size picture for all the detail. Zoe gives the futon, which will be Martin and Gavin's bed, a test ride. img 2891 Here's the bunkbed opposite the futon.  Very cozy.  Zoe must be wondering what that foot is doing floating above her head. img 2894
img 2895 The terrian is a bit rough in this area.  There've been a ton of shipwrecks in this area.  Thus the need for a lighthouse I suppose. img 2899 There's the lighthouse.  Fortunately this little trail that heads up to the lighthouse keeper's house was nicely sheltered from the wind. img 2904
img 2911 img 2915 img 2918 Time for our next lighthouse hike.  This one turned into quite the adventure.  It was only supposed to be an hour or so, but turned into a 3+ hour walk.  Gavin ended up riding on Martin's shoulders or arms for the last hour. Everybody has lots of energy here at the start of the hike. img 2925
It's a tree.  It's a fern.  It's a ferntree. img 2931 img 2933 Dead Man's Cove.  What a great name. img 2935
All done with the hike.  The family rests while Martin jogs the last mile to get the car. img 2946 Nap time.  Where's Gavin going? img 2950 Looking up from the beach next to the campground you can see the lighthouse from our first little hike.
Here are some waves that almost got us the night before.  Up close you see what Gavin called Stegosaurus.  We were checking it out up close when a wave snuck up on us.  Martin managed to pick Gavin up and run away before we both got soaked while Kathryn scampered away with Zoe.  Gavin talked about the waves the rest of the weekend and was scared to go back onto the beach for a long time. img 2955 img 2956 img 2958 img 2961
img 2965 img 2967 img 2970 Fascinating fact #23 - there were a gazillion lady bugs on this beach.  Why? img 2973
img 2974 Here we are in front of the yurt that saved our weekend.  Thank you yurt.