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Trapeze Class Swinging on the flying trapeze at SANCA.

Trapeze Class

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Kitchen Remodel 12 years ago we bought this house with the thought

Kitchen Remodel

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Eagleclaw Soccer Zoe's played with a new team this year called Eagleclaw. She's decided she loves playing goalie despite her parents'...

Eagleclaw Soccer

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Brie Visit Ruby, Nancy and D'arcy's daughter, let us take care of her new puppy while they were in NYC for a week.

Brie Visit

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Reign FC vs China Zoe's soccer team escorted the players onto the field as the Reign FC played the Chinese National team in the final...

Reign FC vs China

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Furry 5K Zoe, Kathryn, and Zilly tackled the Seward Park 5K loop on a warm morning without enough water.

Furry 5K

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Melakwa Lake Hike

Melakwa Lake Hike

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Gavin Promotion Gavin's completed elementary school at Thurgood Marshall. Here comes middle school!

Gavin Promotion

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Vancouver Women's World Cup - US vs Nigeria


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Seabeck Family Camp

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Fourth of July

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Granite Mountain Hike

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Kendall Katwalk Hike

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Brightwater Summer Camp

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Colby's 85th Birthday

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Orcas Island Glamping

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Camp Orkila

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Marble Creek Camping

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Ruby and Aidan Visit Cabin

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Rampart Lakes Hike

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Hyas Lake Hike

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Salmon La Sac Camping

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Ipsut Creek Bike Camping

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First Day of School

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Zoe's 10th Birthday

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Gavin's 12th Birthday

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