Women's World Cup - US vs Nigeria
Gavin, Zoe, Aidan, Martin, Aliya, and Michelle make their way from the nearby hotel to BC Place for the game. Cool, big stadium Ready for the game. We had a cool view of the game straight up from the goal. Oddly we didn't take any pictures of the game in progress. Guess we were too excited. img 9091 Spent the next day tooling around Vancouver's False Creek. Playing around in a playground we stumbled across many years ago after Martin ran the Vancouver marathon. He's a bit more playful today.
On our way to the science museum in the background we stumbled upon this fine vehicle with 4 steering wheels. How exactly would that work? img 9099 img 9101 Zoe joining the science show as the target. img 9105
The science museum had an entire room full of these Keva planks. We spent a soothing couple hours quietly building. Oddly calming. Moments before the top half of the structure came tumbling down. Not the most stable design for a civil engineer to have built. Walking back to the hotel after the cute little ferry shut us down since we didn't have Canadian cash. Whew...taking a break.