dcp 1580 dcp 1581 What a lovely couple.  Oh wait a sec...Brian and Kathryn aren't married.  You'd never be able to tell from this picture. dcp 1586 dcp 1592
Jeff and Kathryn look down at the falls. Thar' they are.  Ain't they purty? dcp 1600 Gavin looks up and wonders what the hell his parents are doing.  It looks like Mom is about to bite off Dad's tongue.  Completely bizarre. dcp 1603
dcp 1606 dcp 1607 dcp 1608 A little baby posing with Jeff the mountain gnome behind the bench. dcp 1611
dcp 1614 dcp 1619 It's a little baby spider glued to Dad's back. Just when Ferdinand the hike was over and he could relax Gavin decided it was doggie play time.  Ferdinand showed extraordinary restraint in not chomping off Gavin's head. It's doggie horse racing time.  Notice the look of terror in Ferdinand's eyes.  Luckily for him this was the end of this little activity.
Going for a stroll on the beach next to the very cold South Fork of the Snoqualmie River. dsc00214 dsc00215 dsc00224 dsc00225