Saturday morning. This is what Lins looks like most of the time. Small glimpse of their BEAUTIFUL kitchen. The C&G family on a Saturday hike in a Wisconsin state park. It was about 150 degrees out. Too humid to breathe. Hot dog. This is one lucky baby. This was an old farm. Beautiful (hot!) walk.
The C&G family. dcp 0833 Happy dad and baby. Fake smile lessons. Lindsay having fun with fire. Check out the new patio furniture.
Bonnie getting the fake smile down. A beautiful dinner for everyone. I think he's yawning... A hot Saturday evening. Michael left at dusk because he was on his new motorcycle and wanted to get home before dark. St. Paul (I think). I couldn't keep the cities straight.
This was awesome! dcp 0865 Graham either visited or slept. He was super baby.