South Africa - Heia Safari Ranch

Our first real stop in South Africa - Heia Safari Ranch
Our first glimpse of nature as we entered Heia Safari Ranch.  Interestingly South Africa doesn't seem to have a whole lot of truly wild wildlife, most of the big animals are in reserves or national parks.  These critters are besbok. Gavin reading the menu before he getting pooped on by a passing bird. img 0212 Into the pool!  The sign in back certainly got our attention since we weren't quite sure what to make of zebras at first. We obeyed the sign....sorta.  Hopefully the zebras don't want to try on Zoe and Gavin's flip-flops which they wisely left there.
Awwww....a baby zebra.  Look how fuzzy he is. img 0227 Zoe and Gavin waiting to back into the pool, which now has some green zebra snot in it. Evening time at Heia Safari Ranch looking down towards the lake from our rondavel. Gavin looking out to the lake during his early morning run with Kathryn.  We were all awake ungodly early as our bodies tried to figure out the 13 hour time change.  There were a bunch of dudes fishing at this lake.
img 0238 Scouting the route to make sure they don't get lost. img 0243 What's this?! A giraffe coming for some breakfast in amongst the rondavels. The noisy peacock that was Zoe's mortal enemy.
A little sidenote, sometimes the giraffes like to munch on the straw rooves of the rondavels. Testing out the 20x zoom feature of our new camera. img 0251 Zoe and Gavin not exactly sure what to make of this new turn of events. img 0255
Back to the pool again. Zebra close-up.  They are very cool looking animals. Awww..... Heading out of Heia Safari Ranch we spotted these guys.  Wildebeest have got to be one of the less attractive large animals, even the calves are a bit on the ugly side. img 0268
Bye Heia Safari Ranch!