Gavin Seward Park Dance Adventure

Hiking sticks?  Check. Sun hat?  Check. Sunglasses placed useless above eyes?  Check. OK, we're ready to go hiking in the Seward Park forest. img 3395 Snack time already?  Didn't we just start this hike?  Oh well, it's never too early for a snack. img 3398 img 3409
img 3429 Break it down Gavin. img 3446 img 3461 That's an odd dance move.
img 3464 Time to start putting on some moves again.  Gotta put on a show for the two nuns walking up the road. Gavin's found a handy assistant to help him walk on this nurse log. Good thing he's got a hand or this little slip would have resulted in a Gavin header down into the shrubbery. img 3505
img 3506 Woohoo!  Here I come Mama. img 3509 img 3512 img 3514
img 3516 Using his magical abilities Gavin has found himself a dangerous branch to play with.  He's got an uncanny knack for finding the least appropriate play thing possible. img 3523