Pacific Science Center

Selah and Gavin acting a bit tentative as they warm up to the commotion going on in the kiddie area. ...which Gavin figures out instantly. A magnet held beneath the table moves boats around on top.  Kinda magical. dcp 0385 dcp 0387 See the funky yellow plastic water vests?  How effective do you think they are?  How about if you don't wear them?
Gavin going nuts with the water. At this point Gavin has completely soaked his shirt thanks to his self-applied shower.  Silly boy! Dude!  Nice hair. It's the coin gravity well.  The zoo has a bigger version of this gizmo. Nursing in front of "Olympic Iliad".
Funny story about this thing which spins around the green thing in the middle.  Gavin was hanging on for stability when an older boy, about 10, spun the wheel after noticing Gavin was hanging on.  Martin just about smacked the kid as Gavin went sprawling. Gavin reaching to catch the flash.  Or something like that. Right after this picture was taken he snuck off behind the butterfly displays on the right.  See the small gap between the display case and the window? dcp 0406 Haha!  I got this pawn!  It weighs almost as much as I do, but look at me steal it off the board. Hmmm....this is a tough situation.  It requires closer inspection.
dcp 0412 The first job is to take out all the boards. Now it's time to figure out how to put them back in.  Good thing Dad is around to provide a little assistance. And now it's time to rip them out again!