Early morning, almost 24 hours before the birth, Kathryn still has a sense of humor. As always we've scheduled another one of our big life events on a beautiful sunny day. All packed up and ready to go to the birth center.  We'd done a trial run about a week ago when Kathryn's blood pressure had spiked unusually high.  Fortunately that turned out to be a false alarm and the pregnancy continued to term.  This time we're all set! As always, Martin has his raisin bread to sustain him. Taking Ferdinand for a stroll to help contractions along.  We're very early in the whole process. Now, a few hours later, we're on the futon.  Martin is pushing into the small of Kathryn's back since that seems to be comforting. At this point our doula, Sandy Szalay, and accupuncturist, Nancy Scheyer, have arrived. We've now arrived at the birth center.  The clock on the wall says 10 o'clock, nearly 24 hours since labor began.  Another 7 to go!
Martin pushing on Kathryn's low back while Sandy encourages Kathryn. Here's some teamwork in action! dcp 0435 Kathryn and Martin smiling after hearing Gavin's first cries, bellowed out only seconds after being born. Kathryn was completely aware of everything going on since she'd had no drugs other than the spinal block immediately before the surgery.  Martin is shading her eyes from the bright operating room lights. Gavin thinking, "I wonder how red I can make my head?"
dcp 0452 dcp 0454 dcp 0456 dcp 0457 dcp 0458
dcp 0460 dcp 0464 Time for Gavin's first nursing.  It's amazing how badly we flailed getting him nursing consistently. dcp 0469 dcp 0470
dcp 0472 Godmother Kassia and Martin screwing around.  What a couple of dorks!