Rattlesnake Lake

While Martin was busy running a half-marathon race up and over Rattlesnake Ridge everybody else hung out by Rattlesnake Lake. After lunch we all headed up Snoqualmie Pass for a mellow hike to Franklin Falls.
Zoe warming up in preparation for racing Daddy to the finish line. img 5663 And they're off.  Gavin and Zoe start into a full sprint with a good 50 yard head start on their tiring Dad as they all head towards the finish line. Gavin and Zoe build up a substantial lead as Martin searches, somewhat hopelessly, for another gear to close the gap. Zoe's so far ahead she has time to smile and wave for the camera.
Finally, here he comes.  Waaaaay behind Zoe and Gavin.  The guy who finished ahead of him, in 4th place, has had enough time to wander back and is enjoying a tasty beverage. There's the finish line!  5th place (out of 50 or so) with a time of 2:06 with about 3,000' feet of elevation gain and loss. Now the hike to Franklin Falls starts.  There were a handful of cute cabins near the trailhead.  Pretty sweet spots right next to Denny Creek. Zoe the tree stump elf. img 5677
The ladies and Zilly discuss.  Zoe looks like she's ready to start hiking again. Gavin and Auntie Iris lead the charge up the manicured trail. img 5685 Trail's end - Franklin Falls.  It was roaring today.  Lots of mist and rainbows where Gavin and Auntie Iris are. Grandpa Hans winding his way through the trickiest, slipperiest part of the trail to the falls.
Zoe managed to finagle a ride from Auntie Iris for 1/2 mile despite the "no more rides after you turn 5" rule she's had to live with for a year an a half.