Matt and Brian wave from the deck of the ferry where all the bicycles start their ride. img 2455 The first hill of the day, departing from the ferry. There he is, right behind the bicyclist with the yellow helmet. It was a nice ride.  Plenty of hills to be sure, including one nasty long and steep hill midway through the ride.  A good part of the ride is right on the waterfront so it's quite scenic. To top it off, Martin got a flat about 3 miles into the 33 mile ride.  Thanks to the magic healing powers of a dollar bill, he was able to cover up a huge slash in his supposedly-puncture-resistant tire and finish the ride. img 2495
img 2496 img 2505 Zoe enjoying some boob on the ferry ride back to Seattle. Zoe doesn't look entirely sure that her Dad won't drop her. My goodness, that jacket sure is blindingly bright isn't it? Brian looking a bit worse for wear after the ride.