dcp 1478 Looking out into the Carribean from the beach at Tulum, Mexico. On our first full day in Mexico we spent the day chilling on the beach - reading and throwing the disc around a bit. dcp 1482 A sweet shot of Kathryn staring out into the sea.  I love all the shades of blue in this picture.
dcp 1484 Look closely and you'll see Kathryn bobbing in the waves. Ah...it's been a hard day at the beach. OK...day 2.  Here we are inland a bit, at the ruins of Copa.  It's an old Mayan city that's sort of tucked away in the trees now. dcp 1491
dcp 1492 The circle in the middle is the goal in the game that used to be played back then.  Something about hitting the ball off your hip.  In big competitions, the losing team also lost their heads! Hmmm...thanks, but I think I'll pass on taking up this sport. Zoom in to check out the trees that appear to be growing directly on the rocks of this ruined temple. What a dork!  Walking around with a huge backup AND a tourist guidebook.  Sheesh! Martin's looking a little disgruntled because he has to carry both backpacks while Kathryn carries nothing.
dcp 1498 And here's the court used for the game described a few pictures back.  Check out how far away the goal is from the main part of the court. dcp 1500 This is the second tallest structure left at Copa. And here is the tallest.  It was quite amazingly huge.
The view from the top looking down the steep steps.  Evidently there's an average of 1 tourist per year bouncing down the stairs and  not making the trip back home.  After getting to the top I can definitely see how that might happen. Another picture from the top.  We're pretty much the highest point for many miles around.  This pyramid must have been quite the sight back in the day. You can see the second highest pyramid at Copa in the near background.  Further back is the lake at Copa which has, of all things in this backwater of a town, a Club Med. Kathryn resting atop the Coba pyramid. That tree in the background is growing on the side of the pyramid. More crazy trees that seem to be growing straight out of the rocks. Somehow we found our way to the Coba Club Med for a cool beverage.
The Club Med had an old colonial feel to it.  It was a nice place to eat, but wouldn't want to stay here. Lake Coba, which supposedly has some crocodiles...or is it alligators? My favorite picture of all those we took on our honeymoon.  This was sunset at Lake Coba. The next day we found ourselves adventuring into a cenote.  What's a cenote you ask? A cenote is simply a cave.  These were all over the place since the ground is mostly limestone. The best part of the cenote was how cool they were.  Welcome relief from the scorching temperatures above ground. dcp 1522
Here's Martin floating out in the water. One of the cooler features of this cenote is that there were blind fish swimming around.  Hard to believe they weren't disturbed by all the commotion the kids caused, but there were a bunch of fish so I guess they were happy. They're tough to pick out, but if you look closely you'll see 3 boys scrambling their way up a stalactite using the roots of the trees growing above ground. Once they got to a little shelf about 30' up they'd turn around and dive off.  Was a fun show to watch. And here are the boys.  The place they were hanging out in was completely dark. We weren't sure if we should tip them or what so instead we took their picture and let them look at it on the digital camera. Here's a little better time exposure of the main church in the town which was across the square from our hotel. dcp 1533
Kathryn posing in front of what turned out to be our favorite restaurant of all the places we tried in Mexico.  The most obvious ringing endorsement is that we were the only tourists there. We stumbled across it after wandering around town for awhile.  Funny how that happens. A tree growing through the first floor at our hotel. This is the most famous of the Mayan ruin sites - Chechen Itza.  This is the main pyramid at the site, a very impressive structure. We arrived on an absolutely scorching day which also happened to be a national holiday.  It also was the equinox which is evidently a big deal at this site because of some shadow trick on the side of the pyramid.  We never saw it, but I'm sure it was super fantastic. The rope leads to the top of Chechen Itza.  Unfortunately it was closed.  We'd looked forward to climbing to the tippy top. dcp 1544
dcp 1545 dcp 1546 This is the main ball court.  You can barely pick them out, but there are circular outcroppings on each side of the court.  These are the goals of the ancient game. OOOOOHHHH!  Scary! Here's the Grand Cenote.  Lots of interesting stories about what, or should we say "who", they threw into this cenote.
dcp 1555 dcp 1557 dcp 1559 dcp 1562 dcp 1563
dcp 1565 Here was some nature at Chechen Itza.  This guy was a couple feet long. dcp 1568 This is a simply unbelievable sight.  This is where we parked before heading off to Chechen Itza. This is what greeted us when we returned.  This shot is looking back from our car.  The vast majority of the cars here are completely trapped.  Whoever was in charge of parking these cars was completely clueless.  Fortunately we were up front so we had an easy exit. Kathryn sighing in relief that we'll be able to get into our car, turn on the A/C and hit the road.  It was super hot and the thought of being in one of the trapped cars was too horrid to consider.
The view out from our door.  Talk about amazingly beautiful! The view looking the other way from our front door, looking towards the restaurant. Kathryn chilling in front of lucky cabana #13. It's still beautiful!  Can you figure out why Martin took this picture? dcp 1581
dcp 1583 tulum1 tulum2