Gavin's First, and Worst, Haircut

Gavin's not so sure about all this.  He's perched up on a board balanced on the armrests.  That couldn't have been comfortable, but Gavin didn't protest at all. Look at that amazingly long hair.  Soon to be history.  Gavin are you happy? Stephen kindly shows Gavin the hairclipper and lets him turn it on. OK, here we go... img 2193
img 2196 img 2197 Here you can sort of see the hack job Stephen did to the top of Gavin's head.  Kathryn's request was to keep the hair on top nice and long.  Oops...looks like that didn't happen. It took Gavin's hair a full 6 months to recover from Stephens handiwork, which you should be able to see in later pictures.  Want to guess whether or not Gavin will go back there for his next haircut?