First expedition of the visit, down to Renton where Martin works.  His office is just off the right side of the picture.  Here Gavin shows Barbara and Bill the salmon swimming in the Cedar River from the Renton Library bridge. Nice boots kiddo! img 1438 And then it's on to the really cool playground on the other side of the bridge.  First up is the spiral slide. Time to head down the wet, wet slide.
Gavin looking cute. img 1449 Taking Grandma up on the playground toys.  This park has a pretty sweet collection of gizmos to play on. Grandma has a little better luck than Grandpa on the bouncy bridge.  Or is it Gavin that has better luck? img 1456
Ain't they cute? And now, superduck. img 1463 img 1464 img 1466
img 1467 Who's awake? img 1473 img 1475 Gavin's favorite activity at Martha Washington Park - tossing rocks into Lake Washington.  Can you spot the rock?
Another rock in midflight. img 1481 img 1482 And now it's off to the aquarium.  What's that floating in the water in the upper left?  Why, that looks like a pumpkin. img 1486
img 1489