Asleep in grandpa's arms. Meeting Auntie Iris for the first time as she swings through Seattle between her visits to distants points of the world. Awwwwww More fun for Dad.  Now Gavin is absolutely sure this is no fun - he's giving a full scream in protest. Jeff holding Gavin without breaking him.
Marian came up from Portland. dcp 0579 Kathryn and Marian at the Jitterbug cafe. Brian and Michelle with their little boy Aidan. Martin carrying Gavin the elf.
Off on an adventure through the woods of Seward Park. We've reached the halfway point of the Seward Park hike at the shore of Lake Washington. dcp 0590 dcp 0591 Yummy!
Kathryn showing off her tummy as it slowly returns back to its pre-pregnancy six-pack. dcp 0597 dcp 0600 dcp 0604 Kassia feeding Gavin some boob juice from a bottle.
D'arcy playing with Gavin.  10 minutes later Gavin was out cold on D's lap. I think this chair is a bit too small for me.  Can I please get a bigger chair? You are a champion! dcp 0627 Nathan smiling after getting Gavin to sleep.
dcp 0632 Aigh!  It's a shaken baby! And now a quiet, still baby. How to make breast-feeding way more entertaining than it needs to be - stuff your bra full of baby toys. dcp 0642
Kati holds a snoozing Gavin. dcp 0647 dcp 0651 Yeeehaw!  I'm gonna bust this wild bronco! It's our favorite broken-chicken-neck baby.
Breathe Gavin Breathe!