Concrete Bed and Breakfast

Lots and lots of cows were running around the property, though none are visible here, including a couple bulls that noisily challenged each other across the road from each other as we strolled in between them.  Good thing the fences were electrified. Gavin looks out in wonder as Martin strides along an underwater ridge.  Brrr...that water is fresh-off-a-glacier cold! Here are the parents, relaxing in the shade on the beach. Exploring the sand bar for better places to sit.  Nope, we found the ideal spot. Hydrodynamics Experiment #1
Hydrodynamics Experiment #2 Gavin wonders why Annalise and Aidan are stuck in a hole in the ground. img 4056 Kiddie water parade or hard working construction crew? Gavin helps Martin dig a 2 foot deep hole in the sand.  Hard to believe, but Gavin came down with a 104 degree fever a few hours after this.  He was lethargic for about 12 hours before making a miraculous recovery.
img 4062 img 4063 img 4064 img 4066 img 4068
img 4069 img 4071 img 4075 img 4077 Kathryn reads "Boy" to Gavin and Annalise.  Hard to tell from his facial expression here, but this is one of Gavin's favorites.
Check out the cool toys Jeff brought for the kids.  That cool thing Aidan is holding collapses down into a small ball.  Jeff also brought three beach balls - one for each toddler.  At least that was his intention.  As you'll see in later pics they found an alternate use. And here is that alternate use.  Three 30+ year old men armed with a beach ball and a juggling pin.  The game involves trying to peg the other guys with your beach ball.  Rapidly shifting alliances made for good fun and exercise. Brian runs the gauntlet between Martin and Jeff. img 4101 Oh!  Just a tad bit too high!
Now that the guys have worn themselves out it's time for naked kiddie beach ball sprinkler fun. img 4107 Where ya' goin' Gavin?  The fun is back here at the sprinkler. Oh there they are.  Off in the distance holding hands.  How cute is that? And so the animated discussion of whether or not to cross the road over to the grass in the distance commences.
img 4119 img 4143