Beaver Lake Triathlon

Behind that smile is fear - pure, unmitigated fear - of the upcoming swim. img 0791 img 0793 Martin surfaces!  Note that he's been caught by the 3 fastest women in the wave behind his which started 3 minutes after him.  Oh, the shame.  At least he didn't finish dead last in his wave, though third from last is faint praise. img 0809
Kathryn and Gavin form the cheering section for the brave (and silly) triathletes.  Gavin seems less than enthused about sitting on the pavement. Jeff finishing his biking leg.  His wave was the very first to take off and he's still holding his lead. And here comes Marian, closing on Jeff. And there's Martin weaving his way through the finish area traffic. img 0830
The end of the run (finally!) and, more importantly, the end of the race. img 0860 And here comes Jeff!  Sure looks like he's running hard, but how did we see Martin first?  Hmm.... And now Michelle, looking appropriately joyous. Jeff and Martin posing with speedster Marian.  Jeff better keep an eye on his food or Gavin is going to take full advantage of this opportunity.
img 0891 img 0895 img 0897