Swaziland - New Hope Centre

On Christmas morning we visited the New Hope Centre, an orphanage in Swaziland that's taken in many children who have lost their parents to AIDS. As requested by the orphanage's director no pictures of the children are to be available on the internet.
Weaver bird nests which were all around the orphanage. A weaver bird hard at work adding grass to its nest. Meeting the women responsible for running the orphanage.  They were very welcoming. Yes, that's a cow walking over towards the young kids' play equipment.  There were a bunch of other farm animals wandering around amongst the kids, which range from 3 years old to high school age. img 1002
Back on the road again as we make our longest drive of the trip out of Swaziland towards our auction-won safari at the Zulu Nyala private game reserve.