George Lake and Beyond Run

Out of the forest after the first steep half-mile climb up to the open ridgeline. The moon and a deep blue sky. Random shot from along the ridge. Looking back at a Y in the trail.  We'll come up from the right side and continue on the trail I'm on to get to George Lake. The trail to the left is a flatish trail that runs along the flank of Noble Knob. Noble Knob sighting!
Looking at Noble Knob just before cresting the edge of the George Lake bowl. Getting a first look at George Lake. Down at the lake.  Very nice! Clear cool, though not cold, water. img 3195
Looking up at Noble Knob from below. Mysterious floating logs that evidently move on their own.  I'd imagine they'll make great kid boats. img 3198 Crap campsite - slanted, only room for a single tent, exposed to sun. img 3201
Best camp spot for sure. Near the best spot. Campfire pit 15' from the best campsite. Hi Mt. Rainier.  This is from the trail heading around the flank of Noble Knob. Looking back, I came from the left trail.  A couple years ago I took one of the trails on the right up to Noble Knob.
That the Top of the World.  I was amazed to find a couple snow patches left up there. img 3212 Top of the World celebration