Wilderness Awareness School

Every Thursday for the Spring school quarter Gavin trekked north to Duvall for a full-day of class in the woods at Wilderness Awareness School. He absolutely loved it despite the fact that it was cold and rainy almost every day he was there.
Huddling under a tarp beside a fire during lunch time. Time to venture out into the rain for adventures.  Yuck! On a drier, warmer day the woods are much more pleasant. Hiking in the woods. img 5414
Collecting sticks and branches for shelter construction. img 5416 Repairing the shelter's fern roof. Breaking trail through some swampy brambles. img 5421
Yes, that's Gavin more or less swimming in the water (air temperature is in the 40s).  I don't think he'd planned to do that. Getting a hand up and out of the water. Waiting for the group to regather post-hike.