Swaziland - Canopy Tour

Imagine zipping above the trees through a canyon that wouldn't be accessible any other way. Fun!
Hanging out before the zipline canopy tour briefing. All decked out and ready to zip.  Yes, the harness is not the most comfortable piece of equipment for men to wear. Gavin and Zoe really aren't sure what to make of all this stuff on them. Heading out to find the trees we're supposed to zipping over and through.  Not a whole lot of trees to be seen here. Driving out past our cabin, which is off the left.
img 0792 Looking back at all the little cabin clones. Trees?  See any trees? Still no trees, but I see a little reservoir. Hmm...still no trees in sight.
img 0802 img 0803 OK...now we're walking and I still don't see any trees!  Oh well, I guess we'll follow our guide Peter. I'm so excited! img 0808
Aha!  Trees! img 0815 Now we've reached the platforms that would be on each end of the 11 ziplines we're about to enjoy. Martin's the first to try out the practice zipline to make sure everything is cool.  The answer is "Yippppeeee!" Next comes Gavin.
And now Zoe.  This was Zoe's only solo zipline because her hand, which acts as the brake for slowing down, slipped off the line and she came barrelling into the stop below.  That scared her so much she decided to ride the rest of the ziplines with out guide Peter.  Once with him she enjoyed it much more. Looking back on one of the longer lines.  I believe that's Gavin way off in the distance. Here's Zoe coming in with Peter.  That looks like a smile on her face. img 0834 Gavin just taking off.
img 0850 img 0851 img 0852 There's a platform over there somewhere. img 0854
img 0858 img 0859 Gavin walking over the cool, bouncy suspension bridge. Looking down the canyon we've been criss-crossing. img 0870
img 0874 img 0875 Kathryn looking down in to the canyon as she takes off.  This is a test of the 20x optical zoom on our new camera.  Compare this to the previous picture.  Pretty impressive. img 0879 img 0884
img 0886 img 0887 img 0889 Hiking our way back out after the fun was over. img 0892
img 0893 Heading back to the cabin.