South Africa - St. Lucia Estuary and Indian Ocean

img 1334 Our first wild hippo sighting. A large family group of hippos was our next destination.  Unfortunately this is as much as you could usually see of the 20 or so hippos in the area.  They mostly hung out beneath the very murky water. One extra bit of excitement - a mama crocodile (Or is it an alligator? I can never remember!) guarding her nest of eggs. img 1380
This is about as exciting as it gets when it comes to hippo viewing. Oh wait!  This is even MORE exciting! That's a big wall of hippo flesh. A close-up of how their noses help keep them underwater.  Hippos are not the most beautiful creatures in the world are they? Here's what the St. Lucia estuary looks like once the sun comes out.
Yaaaaawwwnnnnn! img 1401 Weaver bird nests in the grass alongside the estuary. And now it's time to hit the beach on the Indian Ocean. This was definitely a beach for the locals with only a few touristy types, like us for instance, around.
Martin scouting out the waves with Zoe and Gavin. Zoe getting a little taste of the Indian Ocean. img 1416 img 1418 Uhoh Zoe!
Gavin sure finds Zoe's salty eyes hilarious doesn't he?