Moving in Together in Ballard

Combining the Crawford and Saxer households after a couple years of dating. A big roll of the dice, which turned out to have been a great bet.
Martin's crap piled up and ready to move out of his Capital Hill apartment. Bye-bye 700 sq ft of apartment living! Moving crew extraordinaire - Billy, Kathryn, and Retsu. Loading up Kathryn's 700 sq ft shack.  Lots more moving helpers joined the crew.  Ah...the drawing of power of beer with ultimate players. Here's the moving crew.  Amazingly nothing gotten broken during the move.
kate cleaning the shack Oh dear...moving in to the new house and it's a disaster!  Time to get organized. Getting to work! Home Sweet Home!  We've moved in and even started a fire. Finally, at the end of the moving day, here's our new rental house.