South Africa - Ylang Beach Cottage

Scouting out the shower on our way down to the Indian Ocean beach. Heading down to the ocean to explore the tidepools in the rocks ahead. img 1641 img 1644 img 1647
Going for a run on the beach with a random little yippy dog that joined in.  The salty spray has softed this picture a bit by coating the camera lens. Time to warm up a bit in the pool. Kathryn taking a picture of hersel...err....elephant tusks. Looking out beyond our dining area is an awesome view of the Indian Ocean. Tired Zoe.  Poor Zoe came down with something that kicked her butt with a fever for two nights in a row.  We feared that it might be malaria, but now don't think that's the case.
Looking up at our humble abode. Gavin heading over to the owner's house where we enjoyed two nice breakfasts.  The weather was getting us ready for our return to Seattle, with a fairly consistent drizzle the whole day. img 1675 img 1680 img 1681
img 1688 img 1690 img 1691 img 1695 img 1696
Zoe and Martin warming up in the tub. img 1700 img 1702 img 1705 img 1707
img 1708 img 1709 img 1710 img 1711 img 1715
img 1718 Looking out over the Indian Ocean one last time before we had to hit the road to get to the Durban Airport and our flight back home to Seattle.  Bye South Africa!