Buck Creek Camping

Buck Creek panorama.  Check out the full size image to really enjoy it. Michelle, oh so pregnant Michelle, relaxing in her megatent.  Look at all that room.  She better have quadruplets in her belly if she ever hopes to fill that tent. Super-athlete Marian, recent finisher of a Half-Ironman triathlon, looks over the morning's grub. The start of Saturday's hike.  Where's the trail?  Gavin helps Martin find his way. Kathryn with her little bundle of joy.
The boys who've quickly flipped their caps around for this shot. img 4195 img 4196 Gavin investigates the utter coldness of Buck Creek. img 4208
img 4210 Gavin, Zoe and Martin contemplate the stillness of this pool which has formed behind a natural log damn.  Buck Creek roars by in the background.  This pool will be the site of much silliness the following day. Gavin's nirvana.  Check out all the perfectly-sized-for-throwing rocks. Back in the campsite again after the hike, Zoe hangs out and enjoys her newfound sitting ability.  Her Mom and Dad enjoy it even more since it means she doesn't always have to be carried around. Zoe who's that behind your left shoulder?  Looks like late arriving Jeff who's been busy clambering on a huge rock down the hill.
Here come Sharon, Quinn, and Walter as well. Aidan digs into watermelon, a true summertime treat. Is this a picture of: a) Gavin getting a piece of watermelon b) Brian's ass img 4227 The view above us.  At nighttime the clear blue sky was replaced by a zillion stars since we were far from any lights.
En garde!  Gavin and Aidan put Michelle's hiking poles to another use.  Amazingly this game didn't end in tears. Zoe and Kathryn hanging out at the pool during Sunday's hike. Check out the cool ray of light beaming throught the trees. img 4253 img 4260
img 4273 Martin the rock gnome. Gavin levitating a little bit. img 4278 First up for airplane is Gavin.  Keep that elbow from getting dislocated Brian is all Martin can think as he watches this game.  Gavin and Aidan love it.
img 4301 img 4314 Woah!  What the hell is going on here?  Gavin's getting some serious air. Too bad he didn't think through how to stick the landing of his big jump. Brrrrrr....that water's cold.  Check out Gavin's facial expression.