dcp 1265 dcp 1269 dcp 1277 dcp 1280 dcp 1283
dcp 1285 dcp 1287 "DAD!  I can't believe you dressed me up in THIS!" "And now you're taking a picture?  NOOOO!" dcp 1294 dcp 1303
dcp 1305 Gavin doing his best imitation of a sleeping old man, snoring and all. "But I don't wanna look at the backyard Grandpa!  Mom's back here.", says Gavin. dcp 1342 Dude!  Nice shades.
dcp 1344 dcp 1348 dcp 1426 dcp 1431 Never too young to accidentally call 911.  "Feed me or I'll call the cops.", Gavin explains.
dcp 1445 "OK, if you're not going to feed me I'm going to start eating this phone.  First the antenna.".