Swaziland - Malotja Nature Reserve

Another peaceful nature reserve. This spot, along with the Dullstroom Nature Reserve, were our favorite stop.
Hello nature!  This is one of the many blesbock wandering around the Malolatja Nature Reserve. Here's lucky cabin #9, our home over Christmas. Our trusty steed that got us over some very sketchy dirt roads as we crossed into Swaziland from South Africa. The view from the porch. Martin taping a piece of paper over a broken window while Gavin stalks something.
Enjoying sunrise. img 0785 Petting the resident cat before heading out for a run. Ignore Gavin's facial expression.  This is a roadside stand selling all sort of cool soapstone sculptures. Zebra and blesbok butt.
Martin lounging on the porch as the family returns from their treasure shopping adventure.  Notice the blesbok strolling by on the right. Family adventure time.  Kathryn was all freaked about the possibility of snakes in this grassy area.  Never saw any! img 0904 Rock climbing time.  Not sure how Gavin got where he did or how Zoe will get there. Summited!  Unfortuanately there's a gap that drops all the way to the dirt between the rock we're on and the biggest rocks closest to the camera.
img 0910 img 0912 img 0915 img 0916 img 0921
img 0923 img 0924 img 0925 Sleeping children on Christmas morning. And here's the jury-rigged mosquito netting that seems to have done the trick.
Opening the Christmas stockings while staying cozy warm under the covers. img 0933 The morning fog gave the landscape a surreal Jurassic era feel. White trash laundry. Christmas morning visit from the cat.  He was rewarded with some treats.
Commence Christmas present opening.  These presents are well-travelled having come all the way from Seattle with us. img 0945 img 0948 Present opening paused for about 10 minutes as Zoe and Gavin both got wrapped up seeing what was in these books. img 0956
Can you guess who made this?  There are a couple cool words that clearly should be in English. And here's Gavin's which has few oddities as well. Martin heads out for a run...and looks back at the cabin. img 0964 img 0966
img 0972