Plopped down into the big green chair, which serves a dual purpose as Gavin's time-out chair. img 2652 All better now. img 2687 Zoe does her best to look like a little boy.  With her invisible blonde hair and Gavin's recycled blue clothes she makes for a cute boy.
img 2804 See? img 2977 This can't be comfortable.  Resting your head on a wooden table with a couple pages of newspaper as a pillow. img 3209
img 3226 img 3235 img 3268 That chandelier overhead cracks Zoe up. img 3272
img 3290 img 3297 img 3302 img 3340 img 3670
img 3671 img 3743 img 3750 img 3751 Zoe doing her best imitation of a crotchety old man with his pants hiked up and shirt sleeves hanging over his hand.  Not your most stylish day is it Zoe?
img 3947 img 3949 img 3951 img 3995