Kendall Katwalk Hike

Showing Kathryn the Kendall Katwalk.
Getting psyched up kid-less hike day #2.  Much mouse carnage at the cabin the night before - 9 little critters are no more. And we're off on the Pacific Crest Trial out of Snoqualmie Pass. Our first clear view of Guye Peak which we ultimately ended up looking down on. Heading through some rockfall with Commonwealth Basin and Red Mountain in the background. Must have been exciting when this boulder, which is several times the size of our house, came crashing down the mountain.
A few wildflowers were still out. This meadow was buzzing with dozens of bees. img 9363 img 9365 img 9368
The trail stayed in the woods for a nice, long while and climbed at a mellow grade. Now the rocks and sun hit full-force. Not the best section for a dog. img 9372 Looking down on I-90. Granite Mountain, the previous day's hike, is somewhere on the right side of the picture. img 9376
Shade, sweet shade. img 9379 Up, up, up we go with rusty Red Mountain getting closer. img 9381 img 9382
img 9383 img 9384 Getting close to the top here. And, boom, onto the Kendall Katwalk we go. img 9387
img 9388 Don't fall down... Easy crossing when the snow's gone, crazy treacherous when it's not. img 9393 Looking back at the Katwalk from our lunch spot at the end of our hike.
img 9396 img 9397 img 9398 img 9399 img 9401
img 9407 img 9409 img 9412 img 9417 Back down to where the trail splits off to Commonwealth Basin. Note Martins' multi-backpack ensemble which allowed Kathryn to trot down the last few miles.
img 9424