We've arrived at the hospital.  Breathing through an early contraction in the triage room. Kathryn is still happy enough to crack a smile.  Once labor really kicks in there won't be any smiling.  Too much intense focus on the task at hand. Baby monitoring straps are in place to confirm that Kathryn is really having contractions, which she obviously is. img 1682 We've arrived in our birthing room and Kathryn is modelling the latest in hospital fashion.  Very flattering isn't it?
My goodness!  Look at that belly. img 1706 img 1713 img 1714 Dad gets his first chance to snuggle with his little bundle of joy.  She's soooo small!
The official weigh-in.  7 pounds 10.4 ounces, beating out her older brother by a few ounces.