Zoe's 7th Birthday

Gavin checking out the party setup - cups for decorating, ribbon all over the house for some crazy reason, and an awesome birthday food spread on the dining room table. img 0051 Zoe's streamers looking blue. img 0053 And the friends have arrived...let the party begin.  From left to right - ZoeP, Sophia, Mia, ZoeS, Joelle, Sela, and Katie.
Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon everywhere. Suprisingly challenging to untangle. I did say ribbon everywhere earlier right?  I wasn't kidding. Getting serious about following the ribbon. Opening the party favors at the end of the ribbon.
Everybody checking out their party favors. Time to decorate mugs with an African theme since we're flying out to South Africa the day after Zoe's birthday. And now what appears to be a Zoe birthday tradition - toilet paper zombies. img 0089 img 0091
img 0092 img 0093 img 0094 img 0095 Zilly's really not sure what to make of all this silliness.
img 0097 Woohoo! Who's under there? Why it's a grandmommy zombie! Next activity, a quick game of telephone that quickly degenerated into messages about butts and farts.
img 0114 img 0115 img 0118 img 0119 img 0122
img 0123 Birthday cake time. img 0132 As a superspecial treat, Ms Libby (Zoe's school teacher for 4 years!) and Ms Julie (Zoe's school teacher for 3 years) made a cameo. img 0136
Present time! [000001] [000005] [000006] [000008]
[000012] [000015] [000017] [000018] [000021]
[000022] Awesome art books from Grandmommy from MoMA. [000027] Zoe the weaver ready to open her loom. And, finally, rollerblades!  Zoe's been looking forward to getting her own pair.  After we got a pair big enough for her she spent days skating around the house with them on.