Spray Park Hike

We headed up for a day trip from Mowich Lake up to Spray Park, a beautiful subalpine meadow on the flank of Mt. Rainier, with our family friends Michelle, Brian, Aliya, and Aidan.
This is what happens when your children steal the camera.  Random nature picture time. More random nature. Midway through the hike is a beautiful viewpoint looking out over Eagle Cliff. Our first good view of Mt. Rainier. img 6345
And here we are.  Everybody's super happy and fresh. Look!  Mt. Rainier!  Do you see it Zoe? A lovely green creek waterfall in the woods. The kids vamping it up. And now they're being cute.
Off they go ahiking on their own. Hi little robber bird. Rounding the corner that heads out to Eagle Falls. Here's Spray Park.  It must be even more amazingly beautiful when the flowers are in full bloom. p1070157
Looking the other direction is an enticing hill that I'd like to have scrambled up. Heading back down the trail. Dust monkeys in action. img 6357 Treats were required to get the kids the 3 miles back to the trailhead.  Somehow Gavin made that single piece of licorice last the entire time, thus its presence in the rest of his pictures.
img 6360 img 6363 img 6365 img 6366 img 6369
Bye Mt. Rainier A close-up of some of the glaciers on the lower flanks of the mountain. And there's the top at 14,410'.  Don't think we'll make it to the top of that anytime soon. Back at Mowich Lake, our starting point, close to sunset.