Gavin helps his Mama make waffles.  His best skill at the moment is playing "dump". Who knew that making waffles was this much fun? img 0120 Testing out the new camping air mattress.  It passes inspection and also works great as a kiddie trampoline. Michelle gives Ruby a ride.
Master bamboo builder and all-around good guy - D'Arcy. Jeff gives us a smile while Marian eyes stealing some of Jeff's eggs. Trampoline time! img 0136 img 0138
img 0142 img 0143 img 0145 Not sure what's up with the look of shock and dismay as Gavin reaches for the maple syrup. Time to play dump in the always-fun wading pool.
img 0155 img 0160 img 0165 img 0166 Time to head for a walk around the neighborhood.
img 0197 img 0199 img 0202 img 0211 img 0212
All done walking.