It's become an annual tradition, Thanksgiving in some random cabin/lodge somewhere in Western Washington. This time around it was a huge house just outside Leavenworth up Chumstick Highway.
Pre-Thanksgiving dinner as everybody gathers from different parts of the state and beyond. img 0089 The kids enjoying the special kid bar, serving up a wide assortment of microbrews. Off on our first adventure in hopes of finding more than a dusting of snow.  No luck unfortunately. img 0096
A bit more snow the further uphill we went.  Later in the day Kathryn, Martin, and Brian went even further uphill for a run and found several inches of freshies. img 0099 Lindsay supervising post-adventure hottub time for the kids.  Good thing he's got a beer in hand. imag0073 Brian investigates the turkey while his folks, Naomi and Roger, look on.
Roger takes charge.  Wait a second.  Isn't that knife upside down?! Seat assignment time around the largest lazy susan ever. Yum! The kids dig in first so the grown-ups can enjoy their dinner in peace. img 0121
img 0122 Colby cracking up with the kids. Nice Zoe, very nice. Heading out for adventure #2 to the top of a hill behind the cabin that Lindsay had spotted earlier. img 0133
Zoe checking out the nature. We found a hunter's blind that all the kids had to climb on top of despite the questionable strength of the soaking wet plywood roof.  Luckily it held. Group shot time. Gavin and Aidan setting up some totally complicated game. img 0144
Meanwhile Zoe was off making some floor art. img 0149 img 0150 img 0151 img 0147